WG Community Collaboration Day 2019

On April 29th our 2018-2019 Warrior Guides wrapped up the year with their final and biggest event – Community Collaboration Day. Together all 150+ Guides and Braves came together at Chester Charter School for the Arts where they each received their assigned location for the day. The small groups were placed through out Chester where they worked together to serve or beautify the community in various ways. This day is all about giving back and serving the city of Chester in any way possible.

This year community collaboration day consisted of 6 different locations. At the Chester Fire House the group worked to weed, plant, and mulch all of the flower beads making the station look very colorful for spring. They also hosted a first responders luncheon serving the fire house staff pizza and salad while giving them thanks for all their hard work in the city of Chester. Groups at both the Fairground Homes and Crozier Library worked to clean up, weed, and plant flower beds, as well has hanging beautiful painted bird houses. Other Guides and Braves took on the newly built raised beds curtsy of Hazley Builders at Ruth Bennet Farm. The pairs worked to fill the beds with soil and compost, while another group worked to paint a beautiful new mural to hang at the farm. The mural was designed and directed by the amazing artist, Marcy Morris. An additional team of students worked down at City Team helping to clean their facilities and prep meals for those in need. And by far our biggest transformation of the day goes to those serving at the Yes Center. The team took on a very over grown yard and transformed it with a lot of hard work with some lovely plantings and mulching.

Overall the day was quite the success. After the teams of Guides and Braves were finished serving they all met back at Chester Charter School for the Arts where they were treated to a well deserved lunch of hoagies, water, and chips. And as a special treat Mister Softee Ice Cream truck made his way to the school and everyone indulged in some delicious ice cream. This day was a wonderful way to wrap up a long year of Warrior Guide fun. Special thanks goes to our incredible sponsors Fulton Bank and Hoey Investments for making this large event possible. It has been amazing to see the mentees and mentors bond with one another through out the year and create some really beautiful friendships that we hope will continue to thrive outside of our programming.

Special Thanks

  • Fulton Bank
  • Hoey Investments
  • Chester Charter School for the Arts
  • Penn’s Table
  • David Flaherty / Colorful Remedies
  • Marcy Morris Artistry
  • Hazley Builders
  • Krapf Bus Company
  • Mister Softee
  • Chester Housing Authority
  • The Flower Station & FS Landscape


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