Launch is a program that seeks to empower Chester 11th and 12th graders by developing essential practical skills that are integral for realizing life dreams and aspirations toward college and/or career.

The focus of Launch is for each participant to Soar by:
  • Creating a clear vision for life beyond high school to ensure a trajectory toward college and/or career readiness.
  • Building a comprehensible Flight Plan for how to realize that vision.
  • Embracing and executing the vital tasks that will ensure that the mission is accomplished.

Launch is designed to provide engaging and personalized learning experiences, specifically created to develop practical skills which are critical for a successful pursuit of college and/or career opportunities.

Launch members will generally convene twice monthly to participate in:
  • Professional Workshops: Launch members will meet as a learning community to participate in highly engaging workshops aimed at developing specific skills that will position the students to attain college acceptance and/or career placement while building a road map for life success.
  • Mentoring: Each Launch member will be paired with a mentor who will join in on the monthly Professional Workshops when possible.  As a follow up, the mentees will meet monthly with their mentor who can co-pilot their efforts to build those important life and learning tools.  It is the responsibility of the mentors to assist the Launch members in executing the skills, which come out of the training experiences

Mentors will hold themselves and their Launch mentees to a very high standard, recognizing their mission and the critical responsibility they hold in helping their mentees to attain their dreams of attending college and/or securing a career that uses their specific talents and passions.

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