Warrior Guides January Wrap-Up

Warrior Guides started off the New Year with some exciting interactive activities. Despite being limited to virtual activities, the group is still having lots of fun together.

Winter-Themed Kahoot

On January 17th we kicked off the New Year with a competitive game of Winter-themed Kahoot. Braves and Guides battled it out to see who knew the most about winter trivia. As we continue our monthly Kahoot Challenge series, the battle is getting a little more intense as competitors fight to see who will be crowned the first ever Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Kahoot King or Queen Champion.


Virtual Vision Boards

In honor of the new year and setting new year’s resolutions, on January 24th, 38 Braves and Guides decided to try their hand at Virtual Vision Boards. Using the CANVA app and learning a new format, both Braves and Guides worked together on creating their own vision boards which would reflect their dreams and aspirations for the new year and their future. Creativity was in the air as the Braves and Guides took their time in constructing beautiful virtual vision boards. At the end of the event everyone took pride is showing off their creations and talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. It was so nice to see the participation in this event and to hear such hopeful stories of what our participants, both Braves and Guides, looked forward to in their futures.

Cookie Challenge

We ended our January virtual event series with everyone’s favorite event …the Cooking Challenge. This month’s cooking challenge was the Oatmeal Cookie in honor of National Oatmeal Cookie month. Braves and Guides were given the ingredients to make delicious cookies in their microwave. Yes, microwave oatmeal cookies! Who knew how delicious and easy it could be to make a homemade oatmeal cookie with the ease of a microwave? Guides, Braves and even some parents decided to join in to see who could create the best oatmeal cookie. We found that we have quite a few creative chefs. Some cookies were made in a mug, some on plates, some with chocolate chips and some with cocoa powder. It was hard to pick a winner for this event. Every cookie looked delicious and every participant appeared quite happy as we watched them devour all six cookies on screen before the event was even over.

Stay tuned for February’s Virtual Event series as we bring you Black History Month Kahoot and our Black History inspired Virtual Paint Night.

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