Warrior Guide Orientation 2019

On Sunday, September 22, our 2019-2020 Guides gathered at Henderson High School for Warrior Guides orientation. The high school student volunteers were given an introduction to the expectations of being a mentor in the Warrior Guides program. First our program director, Niki Goodson gave an in-depth presentation explaining the history of Chester and where our young Braves come from from. She discussed what is takes to be a good mentor and the impact they could potentially have on a young child’s life. Following this presentation the Warrior Guides program coordinator Ashley Kleckner set the expectations for this year’s program and broke down what we had in store for the upcoming year full of Warrior Guide fun.

Following the two presentations, the Guides broke into 3 different groups and rotated through 3 different activities, each teaching them a little more about what it takes to be the best possible Guide they can be. One activity explored the idea of privilege and how many students in our programs have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. They discussed how empathy can go a long way. Another activity had the students working on laptops exploring where their Braves lived on Google Maps and learning more about their mentees. And the final activity the students discussed different characteristics that made up a great mentor.

After all their hard work our Guides were treated to a tasty Dairy Queen blizzard. It was an extremely productive afternoon and the students left fully prepped and excited to meet their Braves in just a few short weeks. Special thank you goes to Edward Jones for sponsoring this event. With out our corporate sponsors none of this would be possible.

Special Thanks

  • Edward Jones
  • Henderson High School
  • Dairy Queen (West Chester)

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