RISE: Escape Room Field Trip

On April 14th, RISE Voice went on an Escape Room Field Trip. At “Project Escape”, we had students in two rooms- “The Big Score” and “The Wizard’s Secret”. “The Big Score” group found the missing diamond and escaped the room in 53.40 minutes! Congratulations to Stuart Harris, Asha’i Young, Za’Niyah Dennis, Kayla Lawson, Kevyna Frazier, Damyra Smith, and Mikayla Russell! Then we picked up lunch in Conshohoken, and ate a picnic in the sunshine.

On April 15th, RISE Advocacy went on an Escape Room Field Trip. At “Axxiom Escape Rooms”, we had students in two rooms- “The Sorcerer’s Quest” and “High School Mystery”. “The High School Mystery” group solved the mystery and escaped in time! Congratulations to Rah’Jae Dearry, Rachael Knox, Dyvne Lee, Kha’Nzia Gethers, Khalil Brown, and Khadijah Thomas! We also went out for dinner in Wilmington, before heading home.

Well done RISErs, on using your critical thinking and problem solving skills!

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