RISE Camp 2017

On Sunday August 6, RISE camp gathered for another year up at NorthBay Adventure Camp in Maryland. RISE camp is the same week the Foundation puts on their Camp Lionheart, but while that is for rising Chester second through 6th graders, RISE is for rising 7th through 1oth graders. More is asked from the RISE camp and they are pushed to step out of their comfort zone and experience tougher scenarios. They are taught different survival skills and get to spend one night out in the woods sleeping in tents that they set up all by themselves! Through out the week they work on different team building activities as well as bonding as a group to become close like a family. For these are the same kids that will then participate in the RISE after school program every Thursday during the school year. So this camp is a great introduction to what is going to be asked of the teens and who they are going to be working with to continually help each other grow into better people and elevating their potential!

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