Lives Changed: Nyah Garrison

Nyah began Open Events in 2010, joined Warrior Guides in 2011 and RISE two years later. Launch was not operating yet, so Executive Director, Karen Hicks personally stayed in touch with Nyah and her mom, encouraging Nyah to pursue her goals to attend college and graduate with high marks. Nyah’s mother shared:

“Nyah, was part of the Andrew Hicks Foundation since 6th grade. I remember the great opportunities she was afforded from summer camps to great activities throughout the years…she learned about being a leader, to have self confidence, to believe she can and will be successful, and she can be whatever she wanted to through hard work and perseverance. These tools helped her as she entered high school and became a varsity basketball player as a freshman and Captain in senior year, and helped her manage honor classes. She is attending the US Naval Academy…she will play basketball while pursuing her dream of becoming an Anesthesiologist.”

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