Natalie Deacon

Natalie Deacon is a 2013 graduate of Henderson High School.  She got involved with the Foundation almost immediately after it was founded in 2010, during her sophomore year of high school.

The Foundation first interested Natalie when she saw it as an opportunity to serve alongside some of her classmates.  She also liked the idea that the Foundation was about breaking down barriers relationally, socially and racially.  She saw first hand the way it could really impact the lives of those living in both Chester and West Chester.

Through the Foundation, Natalie has come to learn so much about the importance of local service.  She recognizes that although there is still work that needs to be done around the world and in different parts of our country, there is also a great amount of work that needs to be done right here.  The Foundation has opened her eyes to this reality and helped her to realize that serving locally is something that she wants to continue to do for the rest of her life.

Natalie’s biggest take-away from her time with the Foundation is that love can truly move mountains. While there is an incredible amount of hard work and planning that goes into every single one of the Foundation’s events, Natalie has come to recognize that it is not the planning that changes lives, but the small, consistent acts of love and caring that are exchanged between the children of Chester and the high school students of West Chester.

Natalie has also come to know that Jesus has impacted lives through the Foundation, whether people know it is His doing or not. He is the one that holds it all together and makes the Foundation so impactful. Serving with the Foundation has taught her to trust that God will move even in the most challenging places.

Natalie is currently in her senior year at Lynchburg College in Virginia studying exercise physiology.  She is a member of the women’s soccer team.  After graduation, she will be staying at Lynchburg College for two more years, serving as a graduate assistant soccer coach while getting her masters degree in non-profit leadership studies.

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