WG Virtual Cooking Challenge

We may be virtual, but we still know how to have fun. Our Warrior Guides program got off to a great start this past month with our first Virtual Cooking Challenge. If you like the show Chopped, you would love a virtual cooking challenge. Our Braves were so excited to take part in this challenge. Each of our Braves were delivered a special kit full of ingredients for this two-part challenge. First, Braves and Guides were divided into four groups via Zoom break out rooms. Each group was given the same ingredients, but no instructions. It was so fun to see the creativity as they tried to figure out what they should be making

During the second half of the challenge Braves and Guides were given directions on how to prepare the perfect dish with the ingredients given. The Braves faces were priceless as they discovered what their ingredients created. Who knew mac and cheese, pizza, brownies, and donuts could all be made using a microwave and a mug?

Before receiving the instructions

After following the instructions

The pandemic has presented us with a challenge to successfully continue our one-on-one mentoring club, but we are working to get creative to continue to support the relationships between the West Chester high school Guides with the 4th-6th grade Chester Braves. Stay tuned to see how we continue to forge these relationships virtually for both the safety of our participants and our community as we navigate this new normal.

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