Warrior Guides Henderson Football Game


On Friday, ­October 14 the Warrior Guides and Braves came together to kick off another great year of events, commencing with a Henderson Football game! The Chester children were bused to Henderson where they immediately were matched up with their Henderson student Warrior Guide. Old and new faces came together, whether it was reuniting or introducing for the first time there were smiles all around.


Before the game the group was provided a Chick-fil-A dinner in the Henderson cafeteria including a sandwich, chips, a cookie and bottled water. With in minutes bonds were being formed and friendships were slowly evolving. Any nerves before hand were long gone in the cafeteria full of lots of chatter and laughter.


Once the meals were devoured, everyone took part in face painting to show their pride for the Henderson Warriors, as well as taking part in the USA theme for the fan section that night. Everyone was also provided glow sticks and pom poms to cheer passionately for the home team.


Marching in as a group and then sitting all together in the stands the Warrior Guides and Braves helped cheer on the Henderson warriors to defeat their opponent. The braves even got a chance to join the Henderson cheer team for a few cheers of their own. Lots of smiles all around and excitement was had.


Around 9 it was time for the Chester kids to head back on to the bus and say good-bye to their braves, until next time. With everyone looking forward to when they get to be together again, it’s shaping up to be another great year for the Warrior Guides!

Special Thanks:

Hazley Builders
Henderson High School Athletic Department
Krapf Bus Company

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