Warrior Guides Field Day 2016

On November 6, 2016 the Warrior Guides and Braves met for just their second time this school year to participate in the annual Field Day held at Henderson High School. They could not have asked for a more beautiful fall day to play various games both inside and out. Graciously led by WCU Physical Education majors, the day ran smoothly and everyone took advantage of the extra hour thanks to daylight savings!


The bus full of Braves pulled into Henderson around 1:20 pm where they were greeted and reunited with their Guides. The group was then led to the cafeteria to enjoy a wonderful lunch of hoagies, chips, popcorn, and water: fuel to prepare for the fun activities to follow.


After lunch the large group was broken into 7 smaller groups, and the WCU volunteers then led them to their starting stations. Beginning with the two stations in the Henderson gym with a version of dodge ball and a large game of beanbag tic-tac-toe. Then the fun continued outside on the turf where there were 4 more stations including, tug-of-war, dizzy bat, capture the flag tag, and a relay.


Around 3:30pm, when everyone was pretty worn out from rotating to each station with their groups, everyone walked down the street and they were treated to Dairy Queen blizzards! It was a great dessert after such a fun filled afternoon. Everyone then walked back to Henderson where they said their goodbyes and the Braves got back on the buses to head home, always with anticipation for the next event they get to enjoy with their Guide!


Special Thanks:

Henderson High School Athletics
WCU Health and Physical Education
Krapf Bus Company
Bevans Deli
Thomas Dairy Queen

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