Warrior Guides ACAC Christmas Party


2016 is officially coming to an end, which means it was time for the Warrior Guides annual Christmas Party! On Saturday night both the Guides and Braves met at ACAC Wellness Center to celebrate Christmas and add to the the fun times they’ve already had together this school year. When the Chester students arrived on the busses at around 6:15pm, everyone gathered in the main gym to enjoy a wonderful buffet dinner together!


After dinner the large group separated up into two groups, the Green Team and Red Team. The Green Team headed to the locker rooms to get changed to swim in one of ACAC’s indoor swimming pools while the Red Team went downstairs to enjoy the game room and Spider Mountain, an indoor jungle gym.



With a line at the water slide immediately forming, everyone splashed and played in the pool with lots of laughing and excitement all around. Meanwhile, downstairs the Guides and Braves were challenging each other to different games on the Wii and Xbox consoles as well as air hockey and foosball; all while others were climbing through out Spider Mountain.


After an hour the groups then switched stations and everyone got to enjoy the variety of fun the night had to offer. After the rotations, everyone got changed and headed back up to the main gym where there were cookies and popcorn waiting to be enjoyed. Then the wonderful volunteers helped pass out the Warrior Guides t-shirts that were gifted to all of the Braves! It has been a great year so far and we can’t wait to see what the next has in store!


Special Thanks:
ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center
Krapf Bus Company
Italian Brothers Catering

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