Open Bowl


On Saturday November 20 the Foundation held its annual Open Bowl, sponsored by Univest Bank and Trust Co. at The Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center. Henderson High School students Corinne Ahrens and Matthew McCann worked hard to organize the event. Over 130 Chester children ranging from 2nd grade through 5th grade received a warm welcome from over 50 high school and college student volunteers who were excited to spend the afternoon bowling and having fun.


Once everyone found their way to their assigned lane and introductions were made, it was time to put on some bowling shoes and have some fun. For some, this was only their first or second times bowling, so they graciously accepted the challenge and threw themselves into it and were bowling like pros in no time at all.


Once everyone had worked up an appetite it was time for some pizza and soda, followed up with some cake. There was plenty of food to go around and refuel for the impending dance party that would soon break out.


The Palace always has the best DJ dance parties mid bowling experiences. With everyone on a sugar rush, all of the best dance hits were played and everyone of all ages brought their moves to the dance floor.


After a fun afternoon of bowling and dancing it was sadly time for everyone to go home. But of course many memories were made with lots of laughter and excitement to go around. Open events continue to be a wonderful place for two communities to come together and enjoy each other’s company and form bonds that seem to last long after the events happen!


Special Thanks:
Univest Bank and Trust Co.
The Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center
Krapf Bus Company
West Chester University Rugby Team

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