Warrior Guides Army/Navy Soccer Game 11/7/14

Alex Tyson

In what is becoming a real tradition, the USMA Cadets went head to head with the USNA Midshipmen on the pitch at PPL Park in what became a really exciting men’s soccer game.  Over 100 Chester 5th graders (Braves) were in attendance along with the Henderson High School Warrior Guides.  The pairs were seated together on the cool but clear fall evening, huddling under blankets in some cases, but thoroughly enjoying the game and each other.


The evening began over at The Wharf at Rivertown, 2501 Seaport Drive, just several hundred yards away from PPL Park.  The building, owned by The Buccini/Pollin Group houses a fantastic cafeteria on the first floor which is run by Culinary, Inc.  The Guides and the Braves, along with about 25 adult chaperones met at The Wharf for a catered, boxed dinner of a sandwich, chips, an apple, a water bottle and a package of cookies.  The Foundation is so grateful to Rich Deneski, Chef Manager at The Wharf who opened the cafeteria after hours in order to accommodate the Warrior Guides and provided them with such a delicious and healthy meal.  Thanks also to The Wharf’s Property Manager, Anthony Russo, at BPG Real Estate Services for extending such great hospitality to our group and allowing us all to stay warm inside The Wharf as we enjoyed our dinner.  Once everyone was satisfied, the large group walked over to PPL Park and found their seats.

PPL Park

The Philadelphia Union, Rob Smith and Carl Cherkin, made it possible for the Warrior Guides to enjoy this event by supplying us with 250 free tickets to the game.  The Guides did a great job of making sure their Brave had eaten his or her meal and then the Guide put a glow-in-the-dark necklace around his Brave so that we could easily keep track of everyone.  The walk over to the stadium was easy and then everyone found comfortable seats.

Field Play

The Cadets and Midshipmen played a really exciting game and made it easy to withstand the chilly night, but it really was perfect for an outdoor soccer game.  PPL is a beautiful venue and all the kids enjoyed the spectacular event.


Next month the Warrior Guides will be at WIdener University in Schwartz Field House for an afternoon of sports and games, dinner, and a concert, but the highlight of the day will be a trip to City Team Ministry in Chester to deliver non-perishable foods that the Guides will be donating to this important food bank.

Special Thanks:

The Philadelphia Union
Culinart, Inc.
The Buccini/Pollin Group
Krapf Bus Company

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