RISE Retreat 5/2-4/14

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The Chester children who are applying to be in the RISE program beginning this fall were to a weekend Retreat at Paradise Farms Camp on Friday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 4th.  The theme was “Choices” and all of the activities centered around this theme.   When the students arrived at camp on Friday evening they were assigned to their different cabins and quickly unpacked and met at the dining hall for an Orientation Game Show which reviewed the camp rules for the weekend.  That game was lead by Scott Strickling, RISE Coordinator.  Before heading to bed that night, everyone enjoyed time at the camp fire and then settled in with some journal writing before lights out.

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Both Saturday and Sunday began with Rise and Shine Activities and each camper could choose from five options:  Run, Hike, Devotional, Ti Chi or a Robust Workout.

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Next up was breakfast followed by some personal time for showers and cabin clean up.  At 10am the RISE kids listened to two Keynote Speakers who talked about their own experiences at Camp as campers and how much it meant to them to escape their urban life for a week in the summer, and how great it was to come back as Counselors for several years.
Each camper also made a personal story box before attending camp and brought their box to the retreat.  The outside of their boxes were decorated with things that others would say described them well.  However, the inside of the boxes were decorated with things that others may not really know about them.  Campers got the chance to talk about their boxes in front of the group and the most outstanding efforts were recognized with blue ribbons.


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After lunch the kids woke on goal setting and then had the chance to experiment with archery, canoeing, rock climbing and fishing before heading in for dinner.  They all enjoyed a large group learning activity before the evening camp fire where each camper had the opportunity to “choose” to be in the RISE program and describe for the group why they wanted to stay in the program.  Those thoughts were cemented later in the evening with journal writing before heading to bed.


Sunday began with the Rise and Shine activities and breakfast and then some group team building before lunch and heading home.  The team building really was a chance for the kids to work together to problem solve in order to meet their team’s goals.  The group really did bond over the weekend and is becoming more and more like a family unit.  Trust is being built and new friendships are solidifying.

To see video of the RISE Retreat, please click here.

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