Warrior Guides Meet and Greet 10/6/13


On Sunday, October 6th, 146 Henderson High School students, as part of the Warrior Guides program, rode to Chester, PA in hopes of meeting their “Brave”, a 4, 5th or 6th grade Chester student.  The pairs were to meet for the first time at the Chester Boys and Girls Club as part of a 9 month program designed to build friendships between the youth of both communities.

funBoth sets of students make a school year-long commitment to each other to attend 9 events, one per month, and to stay in contact with one another during the school year.  The first of these events is the Meet and Greet.  The Chester parents arrived at the Boys and Girls Club first and were given a warm welcome and a thorough explanation of the program by Executive Director, Karen Hicks.  Once the parents left and the Henderson students arrived, the children played all kinds of gym games together before the “matches” were made.

poluchAfter every Chester child met his or her Warrior Guide, the pairs enjoyed some healthy snacks together while getting to know each other more personally one-to-one.  They even shared “Contact Me” information with one another before playing a few more games.  Towards the end of the event the Chester parents were invited back to meet the Henderson student who had been assigned to their child and to make sure that everyone had each other’s contact information for the future.  Some of these Chester children are participating for the third year in a row, and many of our high school students are also participating for their third straight year1

frankieThe Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation designs the monthly events and supplies transportation for the events as well as the tickets and food for the events.  The Henderson students contribute $50 each and the Chester students are asked to pay $20 each.  The rest of the cost of the program is funded by the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation.  Future events include:  Bowling, Community Service, University of Delaware Men’s Basketball Game, Rollerskating, Field Day, and a Camp Outing.

Special Thanks:

Krapf Bus Company
Chester Boys and Girls Club

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