Chester All-Star Track Meet 6/8/13

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The Chester All-Star Track Meet, which highlighted various track and field events, was held at Widener University Quick Stadium on Saturday, June 8th, and included almost 100 Chester children.  This event was a senior project for incoming seniors:  Allison Mrugal, Rebecca Sherry, and Molly Flynn.  The girls did a heroic job of recruiting one captain from each of five participating Chester County high schools.  Each of the captains then recruited about 20 track and field athletes from their school to act as individual “Coaches” for the Chester children.  The Chester “All-Stars” were each assigned a Coach for the day who was their own personal cheerleader!   Participating high schools were:  Henderson, Rustin, WC East, Downingtown East and Great Valley.  The coaches’ jobs were to encourage their All-Stars, get them to their events and to share their love of Track and Field.  They did a fantastic job!


Some track events included a 100 meter dash, 400 meter race, and a 4×100 meter relay, among others. Some field events included a “javelin” throw for distance with a Nerf football, an accuracy throw and a standing long jump.  There was even some hula hooping, some soccer and even dancing in-between events and for warm ups and cool downs.  You can never keep the dancing out of an event in Chester!

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Every child was also treated to a new pair of sneakers from In Ian’s Boots as well as lots of other give aways from local organizations.  Thanks to all of the students from the West Chester high schools, D-East and Great Valley for sacrificing a Saturday to give these children an opportunity to run in a track meet and spend the day having fun in Quick Stadium. The event continues to be a success year after year because of their dedication, thank you coaches!

Special Thanks:

Henderson Cross Country, Track and Field Teams
WC East Cross Country, Track and Field Teams
Rustin Cross Country, Track and Field Teams
Downingtown East Cross Country, Track and Field Teams
Great Valley Cross Country, Track and Field Teams
Widener University
Kevin Cunningham, Women’s Track Coach, Widener University
In Ian’s Boots
The Running Place
CKHS Community Health Education
Rocky Run YMCA
ChesPenn Health Services
CKHS Women & Children’s Health
City of Chester’s Let’s Move
Child Guidance


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