Warrior Guides Field Day 4/29/12


The Braves from Chester arrived at Henderson High School on Sunday, April 29th at 2pm and were greeted by their Warrior Guides with high fives, handshakes and hugs.  The pairs gathered together at the football stadium and heard about the field game choices for the day:  flag football, soccer, frisbee, basketball, earth ball and tennis baseball.  Then everyone moved to their favorite sport and played together for about 40 minutes.

During the first water break the kids enjoyed a soft pretzel and banana together and then moved on to their next choice for about 40 more minutes.  We took one more water break and then everyone had about 30 minutes to play their last sport.  At about 4:15pm the group gathered back at the top of the stadium and walked into town together to get a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

It was a great afternoon and a perfect way to spend a gorgeous spring day.  We only have one more outing this year, so we are looking forward to it on May 20th!

Special Thanks:

Henderson High School Athletic Department
Dairy Queen, Gay Street, West Chester
Krapf Bus Company

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