Warrior Guides Henderson Football Game 10/26/12

The Braves who are in the Warrior Guides program this year were so excited to come to Henderson High School for an afternoon of games, followed by dinner and a thrilling football game.  Almost 100 fifth graders from Chester have joined the Warrior Guides program and on Friday after school they were bused from Chester to Henderson High School where they were greeted by their individual Warrior Guide.  The pair played lots of games together in Henderson’s main gym.  Many of the games required that the pair work together in order to accomplish the goals of the game.  One of the favorite activities was trying to do giant group sit ups!

After tiring everyone out, the Foundation provided Chick-Fil-A dinner to the entire group in the cafeteria.  While some were eating, others were getting Warrior tattoos or Warrior paint on their faces.  Others were trying on sweatshirts that were donated by Don-Len, a local printing, and trophy company.  The gift was perfect as it made it really easy to keep an eye on the kids while the group was outside at the football game later in the evening.

Everyone filed out to the football game with a cookie and water bottle in hand to enjoy Senior Night and then a terrific game of high school football. HHS ended up beating Avon Grove, but win or lose, the kids had a fantastic time together.  The friendships are just beginning to form, and will continue to grow in November when we meet again for bowling!




Special Thanks:

Krapf Bus Company
Megan Caufield
Henderson Athletic Department

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