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Every event and program sponsored by the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation is exciting as it puts people together from two socio-economic diverse communities, whose paths would not otherwise cross on a regular basis. The people who volunteer and participate have a great time simply enjoying each others company, while growing in understanding and respect for one another.


Chester County area high school students, local college students, and adults are more than welcome to get involved with our Foundation. Come and volunteer with us and join in the joy of giving your time to something greater than yourself. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us run our events and who will step forward to share their talents with us.


Chester children are encouraged to participate in our events and programs. We offer an array of opportunities and programs for your child to become involved with our Foundation. We encourage you to sign your child up for one of our events today, the programs are dependent on the age of your child, but there are a variety of activities to get started with.

Share An Opportunity

Another way to get involved with the Foundation is to share an opportunity for one of our RISE teen students. We are looking for different ways to provide enrichment opportunities to our students to further grow and develop their skills they work on during the program.


The Foundation is primarily run through individual donations and corporate sponsorships. When you make a donation you are helping us provide amazing opportunities for our youth and helping us continue our work. With out our generous contributors supporting us, our events would not be possible.

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Thank you for honoring Andrew with your gift and supporting the work we are doing in Jesus’ name.

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