“Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.  Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.  In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”                
1 Timothy 6: 17-19

We are so thankful to the many, many friends and families and even strangers who have given so generously to further the work of the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation. We could not be serving without you. Thank you for partnering with us!

AGF Manufacturing
Ashley and Avery Abbonizio
Absolute Mortgage Company
Acosta Sales and Marketing Company
The Adler Family
Dean and Susanna Adler
Advanced Foot and Ankle Care, LLC
AGF Manufacturing, Inc.
Jason Alansky
Jim Alexander
Tonya Allard
Desmond Alston, 3v3 Basketball Tournament, HHS Senior Project
Caroline Amarant
Douglas and Jennifer Anderson
James Anderson
David Andrews
Jeff and Margaret Andrews
Jeff and Cindy Angle
Ellie Antonucci, in honor of Emily Franco
Carol A. Armstrong
Monica Armstrong
Atlantic Stewardship Bank
Christa Baldino
Dawn Ball
Bantery Road Lemonade Stand
Edward S. Bardzik, III
Ray and Carolyn Bateman
Glen Battaglia in honor of Jack and John Goebel
Michael and Janet Battaglia
David Baxter
Jim Becker
The Becket Family Foundation
Johneane Bell
Mary Bello and Bob Firestein
Elizabeth Bender
Michael Benevento
Maryjo Bergen
Bergen Anesthesia and Path LLC
Debra Berlin
Marc and Monique Bertrando
James and Michele Bigante
Laura Bigelow in honor of Nancy Bigelow
Louise Birmingham
Michelle Bjork
Kathleen Bley
Bob and Terry Boate
Sally Boemer
Warren and Rita Bogard
Michael Bogutz
Phillip and Rhonda Bolduc
Richard and Pat Bollinger
Jeff Bond
Michael and Gretchen Bowers
Vincent and Carley Boyd
Kathleen Brady
Dr. Meyers, Brandywine Valley Endoscopy Center
Thomas and Maureen Braun
Joe and Marion Brenner
James A Breslin, Jr.
Andrea Breuninger
Edie Brewer
Heather Brien, HHS 2011 Chocolate Competition
Heather Brien, HHS 2012 Chocolate Competition
The Brightbill Family
Tom and Jerol Briggs
Ruth Brittain
Susan Brogan, in honor of Emily Franco
Tonya Broussard
Vincent and Barbara Brown
Brian J. Brownholtz
Lisa Brownsey, on behalf of Nick Primavera
The Bruno Family
John and Wendy Buckley
Steven M. Buontempo
The Burch Family
Matt and Teresa Burns
Jamye Byrnes
CTDI, Communications Test Design, Inc.
Barry and Cynthia Cahill
Alena M. Caldwell
Calvary Lutheran Church Leadership
Alyssa Cameron
Caroline Camp, in honor of Emily Franco
Grace Campbell, in honor of Emily Franco
Thomas Cantor Family
George and Patricia Carlino
Parker and Mary Carroll
Antonia Carter
Miriam Cash
Muriel K. Cassidy
Victor Castro
Richard and Angela Catanzaro
The Caufield Family
Megan Caufield
Chester County Youth Orchestra
The Children’s Country Week Association
Vivian Childs
Chilton Medical Center Foundation Board, in memory of Walter Meehan
Zbigniew Cholewa
Christ Community Church
Christ Community Church Youth Group
Jefrey and Eileen Christian
Kim Circe, Clipper Magazine
Doug and Cythia Claffey
Susan Clark
Donald and Jean Clarke
William and Susan Clendenin
Paul and Susan Clough
Coho Partners, Ltd.
Alexander and Carolyn G. Collevecchio
Leah Colley
Tim Collins, Turkey Burner 5K, HHS Senior Project
Raelene Collins
Colorful Remedies LLC
Lois Cook
James Coonan
Jan Coplan
Joshua Corwin and Kate Godly
Michael and Heidi Costa and Family
Karen E. Costello
Jeff and Elizabeth Cottle
Astrid Cottrell
Becky Cowan, in honor of Emily Franco
Steve and Joanne Cowan
The Craig Family
Kennedy and Susan Crane
Howard Crawford
Creative Chiropractic Solutions, PLLC
Robert and Nancy Croland
Todd and Crystal Crook
Bill and Amy Crowell
Mary Culbertson
The Cullinan Family
Virginia Cullinan
Kevin and Tracie Cullum
John and Tina Cunningham
Melanie Custodio, in honor of Emily Franco
Troy Czukoski
David and Maureen
Paul Dangelmajer
Marc and Suzanne Daniel
Gordon Daniels, Land Services USA, Inc.
The Deacon Family
Roger and Jane Deacon
Andreas DeLinde
Jorn Petter and Laurie DeLinde
Scott deLone
Emily Delor, in honor of Emily Franco
Mark DePhillips
Frank and Elizabeth DeRosa
Dr. Joseph Deutsch, in honor of Joseph J. Deutsch
Jeffrey and Julia DeVuono
Richard and Deborah Dginto
David and Ann Diaz
Joseph and Katie DiBussolo
Paul and Jill Dietrich
Bob and Kim DiGiacomo
Peter and Lisa DiLullo
Linda DiMatteo
Joe Dingfelder
John and Pia DiSanto
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dodson
Bernie and Kelley Doering
Marie Donnell
Peter and Susan Dorris
Downingtown West Hockey Club
Downingtown West Student Council
Tom and Robin Drew
Jeff and Audrey Dromeshauser
David and Patty Duclos
Brenna, in honor of Emily Franco
East Bradford Elementary School Conflict Managers
East Bradford Elementary School PTO
Kevin Edwards
Peter and Dianne Edwards
Margaret R. Egli
Peter and Diane Edwards
Stephen H. and Lynda K. Eland
John and Julie Elicker
The Engle Foundation
Scott F. Engle
Scott and Sheetal Enright
Scott and Michele Eskow
Lorrie Fabrizio
Steve Falk
Eldon and Gail Faries
Pat and Alison Farrell
Fastpitch Warehouse
Donna Ferrier
Hank and Barrie Fila
Todd and Lisa Finnegan
First Choice Medical Inc.
Paulette Flanagan
Jeff and Karen Fleming
Robert Fleming
James andin
Jay and Kim Glasscott
GOAL 1 Performance Training
Goebel Cabinetr Elaine Folkes
John and Cindy Follman
Diana Fornino
Jack and Charlane Fought
Fox Rothschild, LLP
Carson Forsyth, in honor of Emily Franco
Shelly Fouracre
Fox Chase Bank
Randy J. Francis
Andrew D. Friedland Memorial Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Friedland
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Friedland, in memory of Walter Meehan
Eric and Robin Frizzell
Michael and Elaine Fuguet
Doug and Sheila Fulling and Family
Fulton Bank
Ken Goddu and Shauna Yeldell, Fulton Bank
GCVSA Gators Soccer Team
Barbara Gaffney
Larry and Nicole Galanti
Gina Garguilo, in memory of Walter Meehan
Karen Gatti, in honor of Emily Franco’s 16th Birthday
Dan and Debby Gavato and Family
Deborah Gawrylowicz
Mark and Patricia Gaydos
Maddie Gershman, in honor of Emily Franco
Steve and Beth Gilbert and Family
The Gillin Family
Theresa Gilpy, on behalf of John C. Goebel and Jack. Goebel
Atiya Goldsmith
Judith Golz, in memory of Walter Meehan
Ethan Goodstein
Todd and Alisa Goodstein
Bart and Bonnie Graff
Larry and Renee Granger and Family
Alena Grant, American Idol, HHS Senior Project
Graphic D-Signs, Inc.
Stephanie Graziani, in honor of Emily Franco
Andy and Connie Grear
Great Valley Soccer League
Jeff Green
Green Street Grille
Marcy D. Greenblatt, in memory of Walter Meehan
Stephen & Carol Griese
Sarah Griffin, in honor of Emily Franco
The Griffith Family
Griffith Insurance, LLP
Laura Grogan
Lauri Gruen
The Guarino Family
MaryEllen Guarino
Megan Guenthardt
Dina Guerra
The Habbersett Family
Nicholas and Anna Hadgis
Jan Hamby
Caleb Harris, Olive Tree Clothing
Joann Harkins
Jack Hart, 3v3 Basketball Tournament, HHS Senior Project
Marcy Hart
Sarah Hart
Leadaine Hartman
Leslie Hartwig
David and Elaine Hayes
Douglas and Katherine Hayes
Brendan Hayes-Oberst
Christopher Hazley
Erinn Hazley
Michael J. Hazley, Inc.
Steven Heck, in honor of Emily Franco
Robert and Lynn Heintz
Henderson High School Boys’ Soccer Boosters
Henderson High School Girls’ Soccer Boosters
Henderson High School, Class of 2011
Henderson High School, Class of 2013
Henderson High School Dance Team
Henderson High School Girls Tennis Boosters
Henderson High School PTO Henderson
High School Student Senate
Henderson High School Tennis Booster Summer Clinic
Kevin and Kimberly Henley
Steven and Carolyn Herring
Cara Herman
Paul and Elizabeth Herrmann
Donna Hickman
Amelia Hicks
Andy and Karen Hicks, in memory of Walter Meehan
Andy, Karen, Kelly, Amelia and Kyle Hicks
Anthony and Diana Hicks
Anthony Hicks, in memory of Diana Hicks
Jennifer Hicks
Kelly Hicks
Ken Hill
Hockman Family Foundation, a fund of the Chester County Community Foundation
Jeff and Beverly Hoehing
Fran and Leslee Hoey
Allen and Claudia Hole
Sandra Hollett
Doug and Angela Holloway
Katie Holmes, in honor of Emily Franco
Jean Homnak, in memory of Walter Meehan
Keith and Lee Hontz
Randy and Debbie Hoogerhyde
John and Anne Horn
Andrew Hosker
Ronald E. Houseworth
Barbara Howe, in honor of Kevin, Eric and Ryan Howe
Steve and Lisa Howe
Rebecca J. Hudson
Kara Hunt
Howard Hughes
Kathy Hughes
Beth Hungerbuhler
Kara Hunt
Charles Hurchalla
IT Edge, Inc.
John and Kathleen Ibbetson
In Motion Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, PC
Ursula Ippoliti
Josh Isler
Judi Ivins
Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated
Julia Jacobs, Love the One You Got wristband sales, HHS Senior Project
Brent Jacquette
Carl A. Janssen, Jr.
George and Julie Jensen
Charles Johnson
Paul and Dolores Johnson
Jacquie Jones
Jennifer Jones
Charles and Barbara Kaniuka
Kappa Delta, University of South Carolina
James and Rosemary Karschnik, in memory of Walter Meehan
Barbara A. Kashar
Tom, Michelle and Nicole Kassakatis
Bruce and Kathleen Kavanaugh
Christine Kayal and Michael V. Sconti
Anthony and Suzan Kayal
Basil Kayal
Basil and Danielle Kayal
Daniel and Melanie Kayal
Gary and Laura Kayal
George and Deborah Kayal
George and Fadia Kayal
Joseph and Sonia Kayal
Joseph and Sonia Kayal, in memory of Walter Meehan
Lillian Kayal
Mark Kayal
Michael and Nadia Kayal
Michael and Nadia Kayal, in memory or Walter Meehan
Michael and Tatiana Kayal
Kayal Orthopaedic Center, PC
Robert and Kim Kayal and Family, MD
Tom, Lisa, Aiden, Lucas and Logan Kayal
William Jesse Kayal
Arthur and Amy Keegan
Drew Kelly
Jerry and Dolores Kelly, in memory of Walter Meehan
Meigan Kelly
Thomas and Kelly Anne Kelly
Kelley Doering Consulting, LLC
William and Leslie Kelso
Ron and Bonnie Kerchner
Karen Kerr and Michael Marcinek
The Khalaf Family
Michelle Kilgallen, in honor of Emily Franco
Diane Killinger
Emma Kilroy, in honor of Emily Franco
Kimberton Whole Foods
Gary and Claudia King
Milt and Diane Kirkman and Family
Don and Marion Klingen
Arch Knisely
Dan and Mary Knisely
Savannah Knisely
Lukia Knox
Kenneth and Nancy Koeller
Ben Kohler
Michael and Stephanie Kollhoff
Rick and Arielle Kone
Leanna Kor
Greta Kovacs
Jozsef Kovacs
Marianna G. Kovacs
Thomas and Amy Kovell
GL and Nancy J Krablin
Brian and Eve Kramp
Louis and Cheryl Krass
Nathan and Anne Krick
George, Diane, Julia and Tyler Krusen
Roxann M. Koren Interior Design
Richard Kuegler
Richard and Janina Kuhl and Family
James and Paulette Kulp
Havana Kusumba, in honor of Emily Franco
John and Sharon Lamprinakos
Land Services, USA
Mark and Rachel Langan
Sean and Alison Langenus
Nicholas Laping
The Laudermilch Family
Tara Laughlin
Tom and Susan Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawton, in memory of Walter Meehan
Patrice Lease
Alexander Lefebure, in honor of Emily Franco
Emma Lefebure, in honor of Emily Franco
James and Kathy Leiz
James and Kathy Leiz, in memory of Walter Meehan
Caitlin Lentz
Lexus of Chester Springs
Glenn Liacouras
Gary and Sandra Liddick
Laura Liss
Bill and Karen Lott
The Lubert Family Foundation
Patricia Lukas, Silpada Designs
Mary Luckner
M&M Ross Enterprises, LLC
Dianne Macrides
The MacQueen Family
John, Mary Beth, Stephen and Elizabeth Maglio
Colleen Marano
Jenna Maratea
Michael and Nancy Maratea
Alyssa March, in honor of Emily Franco
Alice Marella
Brian Markworth
Erin Martin
Jonathan and Marie Martin
Wayne Martin
Juan and Jacqueline Martinez
Walter Martone and Marc Kimball, in memory of Walter Meehan
George and Bernadette Massola
Jennifer Mathes
Sharon Matthias
Mark and Melanie Matthews
Angelina McAfee, in honor of Emily Franco’s 16th Birthday
Fred and Mary McAlary, Jr.
Josephine McAlary
John J. McAllister
Dave McCarthy Sr.
David and Karen McCarthy
Kayla McCauley, in honor of Emily Franco
The McCollester Family
Peter and Julie McCook
Chris and Chris McCool and Family
Charles and Barbara McCormick
Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick, Turkey Burner 5K, HHS Senior Project
Robert McFadden
The McFadden Family
Diane L. McFalls
Cathy McGinley
Michael McGinnis
Doug McKay
Levi and Jill McGowan
Margaret McHugh
Robert and Kimberly McLaughlin
Don and Mary McMillan
Kevin McRaith
William and Stephanie McSwain
John and Jennifer McTiernan
Kevin and Felicia Meakim, The Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center
Barbara Meehan, in memory of Walter Meehan
Robert, Stacy and Rebecca Meehan
Bill and Paula Meier, in memory of Walter Meehan
Tony and Shelly Melvin
Jeff Merrell
Richard Merrell
Rick and Cheryl Merrell
Grant and Lisa Merrill
Jack Messaros
Steve and Barb Messaros
Doug and Kathy Michael
Victoria Ming, in honor of Emily Franco
Miss National Sweetheart 2012, Courtney Baxter
Barbara A. Miller
Douglas and Michaeleen Miller
Julie and Matt Miller
Robert W. Misko, Jr.
John and Lori Monaghan
Thomas and Charlene Monastra
Janice Moore
Katherine Morrison
James Morrissey and Rosemarie Paulis-Morrissey
Kim Morton
Michael Morton, P.A.
Daniel and Donna Moser
Michael and Tracey Moyer
Shane and Diane Moyer
Christiane Murphy
John Murphy
Dawson and Bethanne Muth
Ramya Muthukrishnan, in honor of Emily Franco
Susan Narducci
The Naughton Family
Michael and Michelle Nedved
Madelene Nestor
William R. Nestor
Richard and Patricia Nieberle
Ken Nollen, Plymouth Meeting Auto Sales
Melissa Nollen, Love the One You Got wristband sales, HHS Senior Project
Kimberly Nuelle
Bob and Sherry Nugent
Michael Nugent
Peter and Sandi Nush
Richard Oakes, Jr.
Nancy Ochal and Friends, in memory of Walter Meehan
William and Ronda O’Donnell
Dirk and Kathryn Ohley
Bruce and Kathy Ogg
John and Jane Orner, Orners Office Cleaning Services
Beth Ottensman
Amy Owen
Glen and Sharon Palicia, in memory of Walter Meehan
Celeste Paolizzi
Chris and Annie Papariello
Paramus Medical Imaging
Patient Care Associates, LLC
Patient Care Associates, LLC, in memory of Walter Meehan
Richard and Therese Pattinson
Leonard and Melinda Patton
Douglas and Marta Paxson, Sr.
Pegasus Softball
Peter’s Salon & European Spa
Penn Premier Dental, Inc.
Pennington’s Auto Body, Inc.
James and Cynthia Perrotta
James and Cynthia Perrotta, in memory of Walter Meehan
Anna Persick, in honor of Emily Franco
Dennis and Marilyn Persico, in memory of Walter Meehan
Victor and Milla Petrov
Lewis M. Pettinos, Jr.
Christopher and Jill Pfendner
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Anne Picone, in memory of Walter Meehan
The Pilgrim Foundation
Anthony and Sandra Pisciotta
Sebastian Pistritto, In honor of Emily Franco’s 16th Birthday
Liam and Susannah Pitt
Michael and Nancy Pitt
John and Janice Pojednic, MD
Mary Potthoff
Bruce and Jan Poulterer
Victoria Pressley
Nick Primavera
Joe and Isabel Pupis
Jim Purcell
Radiology Center of Fair Lawn
Ed and Diana Ranuska
Reco, the movie
Brian and Jane Reeves
Neal Regino
Cassidy Reinhardt, in honor of Emily Franco
Susan Reinhardt
Lance and Maria Rhoads
Rhoads & O’Hara Architectural Products, LLC
Dave and Suzanne Richard
Jake Richard
Jere and Denice Richardson
Ridgewood Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Garry and Susan Rivell
Salvatore Rizzo
Roberts and Moscaritolo LLC
CJ and Lin Roberts and Family
Jonathan and Angela Roberts
Linda Roberts
Gregory and Heather Robino
Daniel and Louann Rodgers
Keith and Diane Rodwell
Alan and Tina Roseman
Susan Pullock and The Rosko Family
Rovito Law, LLC
Gregory and Kimberly Rowe
John and Lisa Russo
Rustin Hockey Club
Michael Ryan
Richard Sabo
The Sabrick Family
Sal Electric Co, Inc.
David Salvaggio, Nigel Scholl and the Henderson High School Class of 2015
Deborah Sam
Kevin Samolsky
Sani Sport
Anthony and Phyllis Saraceni
David Salvaggio
The Sanders Family
Lorraine Sanna
Jamie Satenstein
Elias and Salwa Sawaf
Mark and Victoria Scarpa
The Schaeffer kids
Andrew and Jennifer Schaum
Marcella Schell
Ralph Schilly, Jr.
Lisa Schlentz
Robert W. Schlentz
Edward Schmid
Eric and Theresa Schmitt
Karin Schwenk
Daniel Scobell
Dennis and Dara Scully and Family
Jacqueline Scully
James Scully
Jessica Scully
Kelly Seyfried, in honor of Emily Franco
Maggie Sexton, American Idol, HHS Senior Project
Raj Shah, in honor of Emily Franco
Tim and Megan Shannon
Abbey Shea, in honor of Emily Franco
Ted and Margaret Shearer
James and Karen Sheehan
James and Charlene Sherry
Jeanine Sherry
Jim and Sally Sherry and Family
Sally Sherry
Timothy and Tolly Sherry
Morris and Nancy Shelton
Jack Sheridan
Steven Shill
Ben & Amy Shobaken
Madelyn Skinner, in honor of Emily Franco
Shinny USA, Inc.
The Shutz Family
Signature Signs and Awnings
Richard Simmons
Donald and Christine Singer
Catherine Smith
Greg and Heather Smith
Amy Smolders
Peter Sohl
Ralph and Diane Sohl
Bill and Donna Sontag
Rodger Souser
Bill, Jen, Jenna and Mary-Kaylee Speck
StanAb, LP
Tony and Kim Stancato
Karly Stec
Katie Stec
Mark Steele
Perry D. Stensland
Rebecca Stephenson, in honor of Emily Franco
Tammy Stephenson
Eric and Jacquie Stern
Stillman Volvo
Blane Stoddart
Jeff Stone
Andrea Strang
RJ and Michele Stretch
Brian Stride
Herb and Annette Stride, in memory of Walter Meehan
Marian Strong
Oliver and Christa Strong
Megan Struebing
Nalen and Dimuthu Subasinghe and Family
Maria Suttenberg, Sapphire Marketing, in memory of Walter Meehan
The Swayne Family
Kathy Sweeney
TNTMAX, LLC, in memory of Walter Meehan
Tally Ho Coffee
Roger Tappen
Chris Taraschi
Steve and Sharon Taraschi
Gail Taylor
Janet Taylor
Judi and Matt Taylor
Danielle N. Teeple
Darren and Katherine Teeter
Tennis Addiction Thursday Night Men’s Tennis Group
Terracare, Inc.
Terraclean Power Washing, LLC, Wyckoff, NJ
Terraclean Power Washing, LLC, West Chester, PA
The Running Place
Joe and Bonnie Themmens
Linda A. Thomas
Kelly Thompson
MaryBeth Thompson
Nancy Thornberry
Charles T. Tirney, Jr.
Ilona Toback
Tim and Yvonne Toll
Tom Trill, Exclusive Homes LLC
Tom and Wanda Trill, in memory of Walter Meehan
Tripoint Properties, Inc.
Michael and Suzanne Truitt and Family
Jane Truong, in honor of Emily Franco
Tuttle Marketing Services
US Packaging and Shipping Supplies
USTA Middle States Section
Paula Udinski Bible Study Small Group
George and Catherine Van Kula
Frank and Ruth Vattilano
Jeff and Margaret Vaughan
Janet Vermeil
Lou Vilotti
Visbeen Construction Company
Gregg Voltz, in honor of Audrey Voltz
Cheryl Voronko
WCUSC 99 Girls Pride Silver Team
Margaret Waldron
William Wallace
Luke Walton, in honor of Emily Franco
Ken and Michelle Ward
Paul Washart
Madelyn and Megan Wavering
Wells Fargo Bank
Robert and Elizabeth Werwinski
The H.O. West Foundation
Gerry and Lynn Weston
Ted and Cindee White and Family
Lisa Wicka, Allstate Insurance
The Whitford Charitable Fund
Widener Partnership Charter School
Wisteria Foundation
Joyce and Dirk Witham
Diane Witiak, in honor of Emily Franco’s 16th Birthday
Jeff and Karen Wolters
David Woodall
John and Leah Work
Rod and Jen Wright
Sandra Yang
Shauna D. Yeldell
The Yezuita Family
RIchard and Jean Yoder
Young’s Garage
James Young
Peter and Megan Zandi
Steve and Carol Zarrilli
Judy L. Ziegler
James and Heather Zrebiec
James and Kathleen Zrebiec
Matthew and Kristen Zrebiec
Kenneth Zucker

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