“The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.”  Isaiah 57:1

Andrew L. Hicks, Jr., born February 26, 1993, was the first born son of Andy and Karen Hicks of West Chester, PA. Andrew had 2 sisters, Kelly and Amelia whom he shared close relationships with. Kelly and Andrew shared the love of sport and competitiveness and also enjoyed each other’s company so much. Amelia looked up to and really respected Andrew and loved her brother deeply. Andrew adored his younger brother, Kyle, and spent so much of his time with him, including him in so many of his activities despite a 6 year age difference.

Andrew was a low-key, laid back young man who didn’t take anything too seriously. He was level headed and non-dramatic. He loved sports especially soccer, ice hockey, skiing and watching any good match up on television. He was also a master at fantasy baseball.

Andrew was a man of character and strong Christian faith. One of his three strongest values was Respect. Andrew believed that every person was created uniquely by God and therefore had tremendous value. He encouraged people to step out in order to put their own special gifts to work. He tried to do what he could to support others as they bravely explored and developed their unique gifts, and he respected everyone.

Secondly, Andrew had a keen awareness of Righteousness and he despised injustice. When he witnessed a person being wronged or a people being discriminated against or disadvantaged, it upset him deeply and he would try to set things right if he was able to at the local level and asked God to intercede when it was not in his control.

Thirdly, Andrew showed great Appreciation for everything. He loved his family and thanked God for them daily. He loved his hometown and expressed that verbally so often. He was so grateful for his many friends and he had a knack for surrounding himself with high quality people. Andrew’s friends inspired and motivated him and he loved and appreciated them. One of Andrew’s favorite quotes was, “Life is short. Love the one you got.” And he did!

It was in the middle of summer before his senior year of high school when he and his family were on Day 3 of a once in a lifetime family trip which began in San Francisco, CA and was to continue down the Coastal Highway stopping in Santa Monica, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Monterey and ending in Los Angeles.

On July, 19, 2010 while hiking the Coastal Trail near Muir Beach just slightly ahead of his parents and sisters, Andrew and Kyle followed an off-shoot to take a closer look at some rocks rising out of the waves of the Pacific. In an effort to get an even better perspective on God’s majestic creation, Andrew lost his footing on the loose rock and slipped down the slope of the mountain.

Andrew died at the young age of 17. Life was full and fun for him; he had just found his stride.  He was birthed into his new life in Heaven that afternoon having fully lived each day that His Father ordained for him on this earth. Andrew loved Jesus and enjoyed studying His Word. He was familiar with the Bible’s description of Heaven “and now knows fully what before he only knew in part.” In the spring before he died he expressed to his mom that if he was asked to deny his Lord to save his life, or if by confessing his Lord he would have to lose his life, he would choose to die for Christ. Andrew did not die a martyr but that conversation assures his family he is in Heaven with His Savior.

The picture above was taken just the day before Andrew’s fall.

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