Henderson High School has established a mentoring program, called Warrior Guides with the support and encouragement of the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation. The club is currently in its seventh year and this year hoping to match up 100 Henderson students with 100 Chester studentsThe Officers of the club are: Jake Drap, Willow Dysard, Corinne Ahrens, Hugh McIntyre, Suhail Tarazi, and Avery Moultrie. The goal of the Warrior Guides program is to provide an opportunity to individual Henderson High School students to be a significant influence on the life of a Chester 5th or 6th grader who may need supplemental support, friendship or encouragement.  Membership in the club comes with distinct responsibilities.  Each high school student will be expected to participate in at least 6, but hopefully all 8, organized, community events with their Chester mentee and the Chester students have the same expectation.

In addition to the 8 available events, each high school student will be expected to initiate 5 “personal touches” which are private communications with their mentee (such as mailing a birthday card or calling their friend to check on their academic progress). Through out the year wonderful relationships are formed and hopefully continue on past the school year.

The events include:
  • September: Warrior Guide Orientation
  • October: Army/Navy Soccer Game
  • November: Urban Air Trampoline Park
  • December: Warrior Guides Christmas On Ice
  • January: Henderson Field Day
  • February: Arnold’s Family Fun Center
  • March: Palace Bowling
  • April: Community Service Day

Click here for more information on Warrior Guides including club  mission and member expectations. Any questions please email Niki Goodson at Niki@ALHjr.org.

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