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The mission of the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation is to share the love of Christ by connecting two culturally diverse communities, empowering their youth through mentorship and leadership, and building dynamic futures.

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Looking for a fun club to join and to make a difference in a young child’s life? Warrior Guides is

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Looking for a fun club for your child to join and be able to experience new activities and strong relationships?

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The 8th Annual Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Memorial Golf Outing was held on Tuesday, May 14, with threatening weather holding


Open Events

Our Open Events are available to any Chester child who is the appropriate age for that event and any West Chester area high school student who would like to volunteer. These events are meant to expose both sets of students to the Foundation and to give them a chance to decide if they would like to become more involved. No further commitment is required besides just attending that one event. 

Warrior Guides

This program represents the next level of commitment. This program pairs one Chester 5th or 6th grader with one Henderson High School student for a full year of mentoring/friendship. The events are scheduled once per month throughout the school year and the children are committed to attending the events together. This program is not a tutoring or educational program. It is strictly designed for fellowship and to provide safe and consistent friendship between the Chester elementary school student (the “Brave”) and the Henderson High School student (the “Guide”). They grow close in the first year and have the opportunity to continue in the program together for a second year.


After a student ages out of Warrior Guides, they may continue in RISE, which is specifically designed for the teens in Chester. This leadership development program has a four-year curriculum and is geared for Chester 7th - 10th graders. RISE stands for Responsibility, Integrity, Service and Excellence and these character traits are instilled through weekly meetings, artistic and multi-media workshops, cultural events, field trips, retreats and a full week of camp in the summer. This program is supported by college Small Group Leaders from Widener, Delaware County Community College, Neumann and Cheyney Universities.


This two year program, designed for Chester 11th and 12th graders is currently in development and scheduled to begin in the fall of 2019. It is intended to offer Chester students nearing graduation with practical skills that will prepare them for college and/or challenging careers.

Meet Andrew

Andrew died at the young age of 17. Life was full and fun for him; he had just found his stride.

He was birthed into his new life in Heaven having fully lived each day that His Father ordained for him on this earth. Andrew loved Jesus and enjoyed studying His Word. He was familiar with the Bible’s description of Heaven “and now knows fully what before he only knew in part.” In the spring, before he died, he expressed to his mom that if he was asked to deny his Lord to save his life, or if by confessing his Lord he would have to lose his life, he would choose to die for Christ. Andrew did not die a martyr but that conversation assures his family he is in Heaven with His Savior.

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Cayla Davis-Clark

A nine year old girl from Chester, PA saves her grandmother’s life in a harrowing tale, learn how her mother attributes her involvement with the Foundation to her brave actions.

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