Warrior Guides Roller Skating 02/23/13

On the floorFor many of the Warrior Guides, it was their first time on roller skates so some of them were a bit tentative.  For some of the Braves, it was their first time on roller skates, but none of them were tentative; they were fearless!  On Saturday, February 23rd, the group met at Caln Skating Center in Caln Township, PA for a few hours of roller skating on four wheels (not in-line, but the old-fashioned kind)!  It was hilarious to watch some of the Chester children fly by, take a spill and then bounce right back up like they were made of elastic.  The Henderson high school students weren’t quite as eager to see how their bodies would respond to a high speed fall!

JennaEveryone had a blast together.  The music being played by the DJ made the event exciting and really fun.  Pretty much everyone gave it a try and some of the students were really quite good.  There were a few skating backwards and doing spins, and some just did lap after lap, crossing leg over leg, and moving to the beat of the music.

James on the ground Theresa and Melissa dalea Alexis and Kelly Aaron and Douglass Ashanti Jannah Khari Jess girls on skates Joshua on wheels Tyasia Tommy Jordan Jon and Isaiah Pink girls Krista friends 2 Brandy 3 girls Emily Train beauties Lauren Opposite Patrick



4 boysRegardless of whether the two could skate together or not, they did enjoy each other’s company.  They shared pizza and soda, and some really delicious chocolate brownies.  The kids only have two events left in the school year, but they are solidly building their friendships and getting to know each other well.

on the groundWe won’t be meeting together as a group in March since the Henderson Warrior Guides will be working on a fund raiser for their club in March.  However, the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation is part of a Chester synergy group which is sponsoring a Waterfront Cleanup on Saturday, March 30th at 11am at the Boat Ramp near PPL Park.  All Braves are encouraged to attend with a parent or guardian.  The Braves should wear their Warrior Guides t-shirts so that residents can see that the Warrior Guides program gives back and is concerned for the quality of life in Chester, PA.  For more information about the Waterfront Clean Up Day, please click here.

FriendsEveryone is looking forward to seeing each other again on Saturday, April 13th at Field Day!

Special thanks:

Krapf Bus Company
Caln Skating Center