Warrior Guides Bowling 3/19/16


On Saturday, March 19, the Warrior Guides and their Braves met up at The Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center in Downingtown. It’s so sweet to see the friendships and bonds that have developed over this past school year between the West Chester Henderson High School students and the 5th/6th grade Chester students!


Once everyone got their stylish bowling shoes, they headed to their lanes to catch up and BOWL! There was laughter all around as Braves and Guides cheered each other on. After working up an appetite, The Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center invited the kids by lane to come and enjoy some pizza followed by cake. Then the DJ did his magic and all the kids streamed to the dance floor to show off their moves!


At 5:20, it was time to return their shoes and head for the buses back to Chester. This day was such a fun day for all involved – including the volunteers! We would not be able to continue building bridges between West Chester and Chester and positively impact the kids from both places without our volunteers ~ THANK YOU!

The Palace Bowling and Entertainment Center
Krapf Bus Company

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