About Andrew

Whenever you interact with others, they always leave an imprint on your life.  The children of Chester, PA certainly did that for Andrew.  Our hope is that the Foundation will also do that for all of our volunteers.

Andrew Leonard Hicks, Jr.’s passions were his family and friends, his faith and sports; in particular, soccer and ice hockey.  Karen and Andrew brought their handsome first-born, Andrew, into this world on February 26, 1993, in Virginia Beach, Virginia where Andy was serving in the United States Navy.  The young family moved to Pennsylvania in 1994 where Andrew’s three siblings, Kelly, Amelia and Kyle were born.  Andrew was extremely close to his parents and sisters and brother.  They spent much time together playing sports, jumping on the trampoline, wrestling with one another, and following their favorite sports teams.

Andrew’s maternal grandparents, Michael and Nadia Kayal, affectionately called Sito and Gido live in Wyckoff, New Jersey. His paternal grandparents, Tony and Di Hicks live in York, Pennsylvania, and his paternal great grandmother, Josephine, lives in Rockport, Maine. Andrew’s 12 aunts and uncles and his 16 cousins, live in northern New Jersey and Maryland and are very involved in their nieces and nephews lives despite the distance.

Due to Andrew’s genuine and welcoming nature, his many interests, and his involvement in an abundance of activities, Andrew’s friends are countless. His best friend, Justin Knisely, described him as having a “heart of a warrior” – an especially fitting description given that Andrew attended Henderson High School in West Chester, PA whose mascot is a Warrior.

“The Lord is with you mighty WARRIOR.”  – Judges 6:12

Andrew was well-liked by his classmates and highly regarded by his teachers. Prior to attending Henderson High School, Andrew attended Pierce Middle School, Mary C House Elementary and Exton Elementary Schools. He was a member of the National Honor Society and had been accepted into the Allied Health Program with an opportunity to participate in a daily internship at Chester County Hospital. Andrew was interested in pursuing a career in medicine because he wanted to make a difference and serve others in a tangible way.

Andrew was an active member of Christ Community Church. He served with their youth group at two separate summer mission trips in Chester, Pennsylvania. There he tutored inner city youth, helped to rebuild their school and improved their community. His heart was bent towards the children of that city and through his service he developed a strong hatred towards social injustice.  He was close to Christ Community’s Youth Pastor, Billy Burch, who fondly recalls that Andrew was open about his faith in God and how it defined, primarily, who he was and to Whom he belonged.

Andrew knew and loved Jesus and enjoyed studying His Word. He was committed to living his life according to God’s ways – humbly and selflessly. His favorite verse was Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.” He was committed to excellence and encouraged others to put their gifts to work – on and off the sports fields.

Andrew was an avid sports and fitness fan and fully incorporated both into his life. He loved the game of soccer and played since he was five years old. He played travel soccer for Greater Chester Valley and for West Chester United, and he was a member of the Henderson High School soccer team. He was also passionate about ice hockey. He played travel ice hockey for the Predators, Kings, Colonials, and Quakers, and he was a member of the Henderson High School ice hockey team. His favorite Major League teams were the Phillies, the Red Sox, the Eagles, the Arsenal Gunners and of course, the Flyers.

“Hicks” is missed by everyone who knew him.  We are keeping our eyes focused on the hope we have, secured by our faith in Christ, that we will see him again in Paradise.