A Day on Black Sheep Farm 4/6/14

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Larry and Renee Granger hosted a brand new, and very exciting event for the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation at their Newtown Square Farm on Sunday, April 6, 2014.  The event called, “A Day on Black Sheep Farm” brought 42 Chester children out to Chester County to enjoy the Granger’s property and livestock.  The children were broken up into six different groups and each group began at one of six different stations.

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Station One was Chicks and Hens and was managed by Naheem and ConnieGrace Granger, Larry and Renee’s children, who are so comfortable handling the baby chicks and are very experienced at feeding and caring for the hens.  The Chester children learned all about hens and their eggs and the new baby chicks and even got to hold the newborns!


Station Two was the Goats and Sheep.  Renee taught the children all about what the baby sheep and goats eat and how their mothers care for them.  Renee’s daughter Keegan was on-site to do some sheep shearing and to also teach the kids how to herd the sheep and goats to get them in their pens.  Annabelle was the children’s favorite and some of the children got to bottle feed her since her momma will not nurse her!

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Station Three was Farm Management.  The children learned all about what it takes to keep a property like Black Sheep Farm going and how to take care of the animals and the land.  They all   got a tour of the barn and the equipment and who knows, maybe there are some future farmers in the group!


Station Four was a fabulous 20 minute hike through the field and woods on Black Sheep Farm.  The kids took part in a scavenger hunt and had to find deer stands, walnuts, a tree bridge a mysterious gnome, a disappearing stream and other hidden treasures.  The walk was relaxing, but a bit tiring too, with an uphill finish.

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Laurie Griffith, with help from Alexa and Fiona, treated the kids to an overview about the horses on the Granger’s farm at Station Five.  They explained about the difference between horses and ponies, pointed out the different tools used to groom the horses, demonstrated how to measure a horse’s height and also explained to the kids about what horses eat and how they sleep.  The most brave Chester children were allowed to feed the horses too!

farmer games

The last station proved to be such fun for the kids.  Tammy Mayer headed up the Games and the kids got a chance to run and play on the gorgeous property that the Grangers own.  They participated in Duck Duck Goose, a great Farmer Dress Up Relay and other games that allowed them to release some energy and work up a great appetite.


We concluded the Day on Black Sheep Farm with a delicious barbecue.  Everyone enjoyed the hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and yummy cookies.  All in all it was a spectacular day!  The weather was fantastic and everyone enjoyed being in the refreshing spring air at such a gorgeous property.

To see a short” A Day on Black Sheep Farm” video that was professionally created for us by Sage Perisse at LemonLight Films, please click here.

Special Thanks:

Larry, Renee, Keegan, Naheem and ConnieGrace Granger, our hosts
Krapf Bus Company
Sage Perisse, LemonLight Films, Www.facebook.com/lemonlightfilms

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