Suhail & Jean-Pierre

Suhail and JP have been pairs in our Warrior Guides program for the past two years. Learn about how the unluckily duo developed a strong bond with one another.

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Megan Thompson

Megan has been apart of the Foundation since the beginning, as she was in Andrew’s graduation class at Henderson High School. Discover how the Foundation has continued to have a strong impact on her life so many years later.

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Cayla Davis-Clark

Cayla is a nine year old from Chester who saved her grandmother’s life in a harrowing tale. Learn how her mother attributes her involvement with the Foundation to her brave actions.

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Christopher DiMatteo

Read Chris’s moving letter to the Hicks Family about how the Foundation made an immense impact on his life, and his gratitude toward his involvement through out his high school years.

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Jaylon & Thomas

Read Thomas & Jaylon’s story published as a People Helping People feature in the November 2018 issue of West Chester Living Magazine. The pair came together durning our Warrior Guides program and they formed a wonderful bond.

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Donald & Donavyn

This brother sister duo has been involved with our Foundation for a few years now. Learn how their mother contributes the Foundation for helping her autistic son break out of his shell.

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A’lasia Mosley

Discover the amazing CISV trip A’lasia had the opportunity to partake in, meeting and forming friendships with children from all over the globe.

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Jadyn Williams

Jadyn was one of our earliest participants in our programs, and has continued to be involved over the years. Learn about her journey with the Foundation.

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Natalie Deacon

Involved with the Foundation during her years at Henderson High School, see how working with the children from Chester inspired her future career plans.

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Lauren Andrews

Lauren was served with the Foundation all 4 years of high school and into college. Discover how her career plans were attributed to volunteering with us!

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Emmanuel Herrera Ocampo

Manny has been a wonderful Camp counselor over the years. Lear what motivated him to get involved with the Foundation in the first place.

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Dyvne Lee

Dyvne has been involved from very early on, coming out for an open event. Discover how her dad has seen her grow while participating in Foundation programs.

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